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Gender Neutral/Gender Nonconforming Custom Content

This is a CC finds blog for reblogging Sims 4 CC which is unisex or … androgynous, or nonbinary Sims, because trans and GNC sims deserve to be just as …

All things Sims 4 Pride stuff!

… just reblogging sims 4 pride friendly cc and stuff. Feel free to @ me! the hashtag is Ts4pride.

Looking for good CC for transgender Sims : r/thesims

1/4. 6.1K. When you come across a feel-good thing. Shows the Silver Award… and that’s it. Thank you stranger. Shows the award.

#trans sims on Tumblr

… See a recent post on Tumblr from @shysimmertrait about trans sims. … LGBT Mods for the Sims 4 … Many thanks to all cc creators.

Good trans cc? : r/Sims4

I just make trans Sims with default content, seeing as the game already allows you … r/Sims4 – It’s The Wife’s Birthday and I Fully Support Her Addiction.

CC Problems on transgender sims – Answer HQ

Download Sims 4 Studio, do a batch fix (Content management > Batches Fixes > CAS > Update CCs for all genders), and replace your old CCs in your Mod folder with …

Transgender Trait – Mod The Sims

Transgender Trait · Create a Sim and select the Transgender trait, found in the Lifestyle category. · Move in the Sim(s) and/or enter the game …

A Little Simlish — How to Have Trans Kids in The Sims 4

… How to Have Trans Kids in The Sims 4 So I was poking around in the game XML files and I noticed that all of the Gender Options that were …

Top surgery scars for transmasculine sims – Mod The Sims

They work with all skin tones as well as body hair CC (or at least with ones that are applied as tattoos.) Enjoy! Additional Credits: The Sims 4 …

Pin on Sims 4 CC

OLD functional binder by pigeonhome**this piece of cc is retired, I have an new functional binder here**i wanted a binder for my pre-op trans masculine sims …

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