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About Axis Bank

Axis Bank is a private sector bank which is third largest in India offering a plethora of financial services to customers including large and medium scaled corporate companies, MSMEs, agriculture, and retail businesses. With growing technology Axis bank has started offering multiple online banking services namely internet banking, mobile banking, phone banking, and doorstep banking.

Interested in knowing more about Axis Bank Internet Banking and other details of Axis Bank? Keep reading to know more.

1. Services offered with Axis Bank Internet Banking

Axis Bank Internet Banking offers many services all with the help of an internet connected device at comfort of any place, and the key features list include,

  1. Viewing account balance and updating account details including PAN and Address.
  2. Viewing and Downloading the account statement.
  3. Detailed overview of your Demat, Loan, and credit card billing details.
  4. Transfer of funds to self or another account of a different bank.
  5. Raise a Request for cheque book and demand draft.
  6. Stop cheque payment with minimal effort by not visiting any branch physically.

2. Register for Axis Bank Internet Banking

Registration for Axis Bank Internet Banking is pretty much simple and hassle free. To simply the process of registration even easier follow the below mentioned Method.

1. The first step for registration of internet banking is to visit the registration page on the Axis Bank Internet Banking portal or simply click the link to open the page directly.

2. Make sure to have your 9-digit customer ID ready as it serves as the login ID to complete the process. The number can be found in the welcome letter or cheque book.

3. Fill the login ID details in the space provided and click Proceed.
4. After filling the login details one must give the required user information and other details click on Proceed to create a new password.
5. The final step is to Enter the password and confirm your password. One Must also confirm their 4-digit PIN and also the registered mobile number for successful registration.

2. Axis Bank Internet Banking Login

Done with the registration? jump into the world of Internet Banking provided with Axis Bank by logging in to your dashboard. To log in visit the official website or click the link to redirect.

Soon after the page is opened, Enter the required fields including customer ID and password which you have set in the earlier step and Click login. Once the dashboard is opened one can start accessing the Benefits like checking the balance, debit card hot listing, updating phone numbers and Pin, etc.

4. Money Transfer with Axis Bank Internet Banking

The main reason people use internet banking is to transfer money without having the need to visit the branch. To transfer money with Axis Bank Internet Banking follow the step below:

  • The first step includes logging into the Axis Bank Internet Banking account dashboard by filling the login ID and password.
  •  Navigate or search for the “Transfer Funds” option which is present under the “Accounts” tab. Once the page opens choose the transfer which you are about to felicitate, usually Own Axis Bank Account or Other Axis Bank Account or Other Bank Account.
  • After selecting the type of fund transfer select the account from which you wish to make the fund transfer and the account to which you wish to transfer funds.
  • Enter the amount and remarks and click on the ‘Transfer’ button.
  • Verify the information displayed and once again enter the login details to confirm the transaction is authorized.
  • After the confirmation, a success message will be displayed.

5. How to check balance with Axis Bank Internet Banking?

We have seen how to make a fund transfer and now lets see how to check the Axis bank account balance.

To check the Axis bank account balance log in to your account on the Axis Bank Internet Banking portal. Once the page is opened you can see the dashboard along with the account balance.

6. Axis Bank Transaction limits and charges

Mode of TransferTransaction LimitsCharges Applicable
NEFTNo limitsRs.2.50-Rs.25
RTGSMinimum limit: Rs.2 lakh
No maximum limit
IMPSMaximum limit: Rs.2 lakhBelow Rs.1,000—Rs.2.50
Rs.1,000-Rs.1 lakh—Rs.5
Rs.1 lakh-Rs.2 lakh—Rs.15

7. How to pay a credit card bill via Axis Bank Internet Banking?

Do you know you can pay your credit card bill using Axis Bank Internet Banking? interesting and useful isn’t it? Read on to know more.

  • Log in to your Axis Bank account on the internet banking portal as we did earlier and navigate through the Payments-Pay Bills section present on the dashboard. 
  • If you are paying the bill of a new card, you first need to add the card details on ‘New Biller’, once done click on ‘Pay Bill’ present under the ‘Credit Card Biller’.
  • Enter all the required details including the amount to be paid and click Proceed, An OTP will be received on the registered mobile number to complete the transaction.

8. How to reset the password on Axis Bank Internet Banking portal?

Lost your Axis Bank Internet Banking password? Not to worry as Axis Bank gives you an option to reset the password from any place.

  • To proceed with the password resetting process visit the Axis Bank Internet Banking portal and click on the Forgot Password option present at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter the login ID and click Proceed which requires additional details such as debit card number, PIN, and also the registered mobile number.
  • After entering all the details one has to set a new password by entering the chosen password twice and a success message is displayed on the screen after the password is changed successfully. Go ahead to log in to your account with the new password.

9. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it secure to use internet banking?
A. Axis Bank has implemented multi-layer protection methods such as 128-bit encryption, double-level passwords, and second-factor authentication (NETSECURE code) to make sure that the customer data and transactions are secure.

Q. What should I do if I find out that an unauthorised transaction is done in my account?
A. If you figure out an unauthorised transaction from your account, it is recommended that you report the incident immediately to the bank. You can send an email to the email address



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