About Us

Explorerecent.com is a website that is based on data that helps you find information about online purchases. There’s an abundance of information available on the web such as social media platforms, forums as well as blogs and articles along with comments, and many other sources. It is possible to read thousands of reviews being published. It’s difficult to keep track on them all by yourself. It’s not easy to start. It’s exhausting, tiring and complex.

The idea behind Explorerecent was to create a system that could gather all available data and analyse it, taking care of all the work for you to quickly track general sentiment. We search the most popular online marketplaces and retailers in real-time and keep you informed on the most recent items and prices. Our goal is making shopping effortless and enjoyable, and also to aid you in saving the amount of time you spend as well as your expenses. We are thrilled to see the Explorerecent community grow and is striving to constantly improve and further pursue our mission. Keep in mind that we are always improving!